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Mission Statement

Representation Matters

To dismiss the narratives that omit and insult the soul by engaging in ones that acknowledge and appreciate it.


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The GoldMind Foundation

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Inspired by the need to promote self-esteem and self-love, in often overlooked African and Caribbean communities; and moved by the realization and the results which prove that “representation matters,” the GoldMind Foundation wants to supply our youths with positive and fun books/educational, academic and creative tools and materials that will predominantly feature and represent them.
The GoldMind foundation has launched its "Academia Sponsor Program," where anyone in love with our mission and vision, can donate eBooks suggested from our specifically and thoughtfully constructed book list. (Hardcopy book donation option coming soon.) Support even more by donating eGifts, tuition assistance and digital products. We will take advantage of todays technology to reach youths in often overlooked areas where they do not have easy access to this type of literature.
All the literature and learning tools we feature will be in line with our African Theme, Our goal is to provide as many youths as possible throughout the diaspora, with the access to modern tools of learning, and creativity.
The GoldMind Foundation wants to challenge you to get involved and help us provide our youths with educational literature and modern learning tools to boost their imagination and zeal for knowledge. Our youths deserve to keep abreast with the rest of the globe in use of modern technology with education, and we plan to use it to reach them NOW and reach them FAST! They also deserve to learn while using literature that represents them. “self-representation matters” and it has already been proven to boost both morale and academic standing in big nations like the USA and UK! Ready to get involved, just click the “Sponsor” button at the top right of page to see how easily you can become a Sponsor.

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A great forum with fun activities teaching African Culture to youth, inspiring them to embrace Africa’s history. They’ll travel back in time to see rich aspects of African people’s culture, art and stories. It shows Africa has played a big role in world civilizations, linking ancient African civilizations and the modern world.

Chris Mbugua -

History Teacher, Kenya

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Maria Jenny -

Math Teacher