• Sankofa stage is an online African themed club where youths can take up space – from the words of Zozibini Tunzi – Miss Universe 2019.
  • Sankofa stage is an African themed platform where our youth can have fun while learning, express themselves, their creativity, ideas, and opinions freely.
  • Our clubs’ purpose is promoting learning and rewarding our youths for voicing their opinions, showing their creativity and self-expression.

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Sankofa Report :

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The GoldMind Foundation is a nonprofit, non-governmental youth advocacy organization, on a mission to nurture the self-esteems of our youths who come from economically and technologically challenged locations on the globe, with a strong focus on African and Caribbean Nations. GoldMind foundation offers these youth a chance to see, through the literature and activities we will present, that there are others much like them all over the world. They will see that each has something to teach and learn from each other, that our stories are unique, rich and go deep into history, and especially, that each of them and their voices matter.

All our youths deserve to see themselves represented in the literature they consume through their many years of learning, they deserve to feel belonging, and feel like they too can relate. This Foundations’ mission serves to encourage them to embrace themselves and their culture and so feel more connected to the Global family, via the stories they will learn of others and share of themselves. Our goal is to inspire them to feel confident about themselves, their voice and of facing this fast globalizing and modernizing world. Using modern learning and communication tools, we will engage them in content that is created with them in mind, putting prime focus on stories concerning them, we will feature role models who represent them, and we will shows off their positive qualities and achievements.

To accomplish this, the GoldMind Foundation will be sponsoring fun activities throughout the year. We have stepped forward to engage, support and reward them for taking up space in the world and for being fearless, expressive, and creative. We are firm believers in being the change we want to see in the world.